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Pop-Ins Maid Service Humor

Top Ten Indications You Are A Middle Aged Male
(Entering Male Mental-pause)


10. You listen to oldie stations because they make you feel younger

9. Your wife tells you that you are beyond Rogaine

8. You go to Hooters and your waitress reminds you of your daughter

7. You wear your favorite outfit and your daughter is embarrassed for you

6. Your favorite TV show is a rerun from the 1960's

5 You have a work phone, a home phone, a cell phone, an Email address, a home address, a work address, and a pager, but you really don't want to talk to anyone

4. You can remember your senior year in high school in detail, but you can't remember what your boss just said.

3. Your favorite professional sports team moves to another city, and you don't care.

2. When you visit a health professional, they are younger than you are.

1. You have a new answer for physical ailments: herbal remedies.  


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