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K. Rowlett Your cleaning service was awesome-just absolutely made my day-The girls were wonderful-I've been so down about my house and so overwhelmed-you have blessed my day
Mary McKinney They did great!
Judy Frisco Great it was very good
Cassandra Garland It was very nice
Jason Frisco Everything was great will call back
Dawn Plano It went very well
Kelley Plano It was great!
Chad Allen They did good
Sara Murphy It was good.
Susan McKinney Cleaning was very nice she will call back
Mike Plano Cleaning was good.
Ann Plano They did great!
Janet Plano It was just fine
Brenda Plano They did great!
Cindy Plano It was nice
Kristine Plano Alma did great!
Jeannette Plano They did very good
Linda Plano Raquel did wonderful very pleasant lady.
Karen Plano It was good. She will call.
Cindy Plano Girls did a really nice job very polite.
David Plano It was great!
Jan Plano Antonia and Eva did great
Cindy Garland It was great!
Amy Frisco It was awesome!
Marinell Frisco It looks great!
Lee Plano It went very nice - nice ladies
Laura Richardson It went fine
Jessica Frisco House looked really nice.
Ian Plano Everything was fine
Xiang Frisco Everything was really nice.
Lisa Plano Vickey did great!
Cindy Plano They are wonderful!
William Plano Did a very good job
Linda McKinney They were great she will call back
Angie The Colony It was fine
Kristine Murphy It was very nice, best job
Maureen Dallas Girls did fantastic - very pleased
Byron Plano Raquel did a very nice job
Bob Richardson It was just perfect!
Sabina Richardson Nice very nice
Kathy Richardson Girls did great!
April Carrollton It was wonderful!
Julie Dallas Tammy did great!
Carol Dallas They were wonderful want this team always
Davly Dallas They did great!
Davly Dallas It was just fine
Debbie Richardson Cleaning just fine
Jill Richardson It was great
Barbara Carrollton They did great
Calvin Dallas Tammy did great
Michelle Richardson Fabulous!
Jason Dallas Great!
Chris Plano Maria did great would like her all the time
Marie McKinney Cleaning was great!
Tai McKinney Very nice!
Carole Dallas Alma did a great job!
Sandra Dallas Emma did a wonderful job!
Kelly McKinney They did great - will call back
Lydia Plano Cleaning was great!



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