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Prepare for Holiday Guests with Professional Maid Service

Posted by Stephanie Zajac on Fri, Dec 18, 2015 @ 11:10 AM

It is that time of year again. The time to sit back, relax and enjoy spending the holidays with family and friends. It is important to you to have your home spotless, and smelling fresh before guests arrive. Your plans might include shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking and cleaning, but you wonder how will you a get it all done before everyone arrives? There are a few tips that can help you get started and ready for guests on time.

Prepare a Chore List

Walk around and scope out your home. Make a list of things that need to be done before everyone arrives. Pay special attention to the guest’s rooms. You want these rooms to be cleaned and prepared before the rest of the rooms. Plan to clean the linen, dry clean blankets and comforters, if needed.

Check the Exterior of the Home

Visitors notice the outside of a home first.  Make preparations to hang outside decorations. Focus on making the home look inviting to your guests. Be sure to clear the outside area of any debris. Driveways should be clear so guests will have some where to park cars.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are the most dreaded rooms to clean. However, they are the most used rooms of the house. If you are like many people who do not like tackling these rooms, hire professional maids to come in the home to do the work for you. They can have your home cleaned and smelling fresh in just a few hours. 

Interior Decorations

Do make your home feel warm and cozy inside. Everyone likes an environment where they feel welcomed. Plan to hang family pictures and festive decorations. Be sure to use air fresheners or candles to give your house a pleasant fragrance.

Planning for guests during the holiday can be a stressful time. However, with a little outside maid service, entertaining at home can be a happy and relaxing occasion. To find out more about maid service this holiday season contact us.

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