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Four House Cleaning Tricks Between Visits from Pop-Ins Maid Service

Posted by Stephanie Zajac on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 @ 01:45 PM

You hire a house cleaning service to keep your home sparkling and fresh without stressing and using your valuable time. But a handful of tricks can keep your home in peak condition in between maid visits. These are perfect for that unexpected dinner party or a surprise girl's night in. 

Kitchen Disposal Clean Up

They make your cooking life so much easier by handling that bit of food waste you don't want sitting in the bin but are notorious for getting a bit smelly and don't seem to clean easily. To keep your kitchen disposal clean and odor free, toss in a handful of ice cubes and half of a fresh lemon. Run a stream of cold water down the disposal drain and power it on. It will make a bit of extra noise as it grinds the ice but will knock off bits of stuck-on food waste. The lemon acts as a natural, mild disinfectant and leaves a pleasant, summery scent behind. 

Microwave Quick-Clean

The other half of that lemon from your disposal clean-up will work perfectly a five minute clean-up of your microwave in case your leftovers burst during cooking. Squeeze the juice of the lemon into a glass bowl or coffee mug and drop the remaining rind in. Microwave on high for not more than five minutes and carefully remove the bowl or glass. The condensation will loosen up any cooked-on food, allowing it to be easily wiped away, and the lemon scent will absorb cooking odors. 

Trash Can Fail Safe

Few things are more frustrating than realizing your trash bag has sprung a leak. Make those occasional emergency clean-ups easier by lining the bottom of the bin with last week's Sunday paper. The newsprint will help soak up the liquid and prevent odor and mold growth.

Dust Prevention

Gently spray your favorite room freshening mist across lamp shades. Not only will the slight heat from the bulbs (unless you use LED) help spread the scent, but the mist will help prevent dust from accumulating on the lamp shade. (A word of caution, be sure to mist from at least a foot away and while the lamp is off)

For more great cleaning tips or to let us handle the trick, contact us!

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